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Flemming Andersson

Trail runner

Born 18 February 1977 in Herning, Denmark


Flemming started running in 1999, where he primarily ran triathlons and marathons. However, together with his brother-in-law, he developed a passion for trail running and mountain running. He has run at least one marathon every year since 2000 and has participated in several trail races since 2011. For example, he participated in the world’s toughest endurance trail run, Tor des Geants, in 2014, where his partner was injured with 60 kilometers left, for which reason he discontinued. However, he finished the Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs successfully in 2015. 

Flemming hopes to run the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and to finish Tor des Geants some time in the future. Flemming runs because he enjoys the nature, the mountains and the freedom it gives him. Also, he is motivated by setting the bar high and go for it!

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