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Florian Reus

Ultra runner

Born 2 March 1984 in Würzburg, Germany


Florian Reus has always been very active, but he didn’t start running regularly until 2002. His first run was about one hour and because he felt so great after running, he decided to take running to the next level. He started running regularly and read a report about a 100km run and thought that he wanted to do that! Since then, Florian has been very motivated and has accomplished great results within running.

In 2006, he won the German Championship in 24h-run for the first time. He has won the European Championship in 24h-run three times, as well as he became the World Champion in 24h-running in 2015. In the future, he hopes to improve the old German record in 24h-run from 1987 (276,2km in 24 hours). Florian likes to set big goals, which may seem far away and then work hard and patiently to reach these goals. He is fascinated by the thought of coming closer to his goals step by step, day by day. As with any sports, he also experiences defeats, but he tries to learn from these and make it part of his motivation.

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