Andreas is driven by the diverse and unpredictable nature of OCR. Andreas’ passion for OCR is evident in most parts of his life
He loves to train for OCR and does so every day. Training for OCR involves various types of training; weight training, flexibility, running, and balance exercises. Therefore, it can be challenging to find places to practice OCR one to one. To overcome this challenge, and to make his many training hours more efficient and convenient, Andreas has taken advantage of his profession as a craftsman and constructed a frame for OCR training in his backyard. So, he doesn’t have to pack a bag or go to a sports center - he can do all his training in his own back yard. Besides his full-time job as a craftsman, Andreas also teaches an OCR course at a folk school once a week.

Andreas is driven by the diverse and unpredictable nature of OCR.
OCR activates every muscle fiber as it encompasses running, strength, and balance. In OCR you will always have a forte and a weakness. The diversity of the race combined with the ever-changing challenges throughout the race makes it impossible to predict, who will actually win the race. The competitors will alternate in placings – until the very moment they reach the finish line. This unpredictability is what pique Andreas’ competitiveness – and what makes it exciting throughout the race, even when it is though. Andreas became the Danish Champion in 2018 and placed 4th in the European Championship same year – his strongest forte is running.


Rikke is driven by her passion of the human body – and what it’s capable of.
Her fascination of the body and its strength is evident in all aspects of her life. One aspect is Rikke’s spare time, which center around being active. Handball lies near to her heart, and is something she has always prioritized highly, due to the social elements of team sport – namely the feeling of being a part of a team with a shared goal. Besides handball Rikke also runs and do weight training. Running makes her feel free, limitless, and light minded, whereas the weight training enables her to challenge her body – to feel though and strong.

Rikke is driven by her passion of the human body – and what it’s capable of.
Her fascination of physical activity and training is evident in all aspects of her life. Based on a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s degree in training physiology Rikke has started her own business, which is motivated by her passion for sharing the fascination of the human body with others. Therefore, her job comprises personal training for private clients, putting together training programs for individual clients, developing physical education material for institutions, as well as teaching at educations within physical training. Rikke considers it her biggest reward when she can help others to discover how much the body is capable of, when treated well – it is strong, it is persistent, and it is explosive.


Mikkel is driven by the aspiration of being a part of something extraordinary – to keep on fighting even though he doesn’t always succeed the first time around
Mikkel’s biggest dream within triathlon is to compete among the very best in the World Championship in Hawaii. To reach his goal Mikkel travels the world to compete in triathlon races that can potentially give him a spot in the world championship. Mikkel’s latest triathlon races have been located in the States and Sweden. In Sweden the 4 best triathletes achieved a spot in the World Championship. Mikkel came in 9th – and is constantly making improvements to get closer to reaching his goal.

Mikkel is driven by the aspiration of being a part of something extraordinary.
Therefore, Mikkel’s triathlon training is driven by his motivation for breaking records - and discovering his day to day developments. He constantly makes actions to improve. One such is to hire a personal coach, who is to inspire new types of exercises for improvement in technique as well as to increase the flexibility of Mikkel’s training. Mikkel’s motivation for competing within Triathlon is based on the extra energy it gives him every day. He spends at least 14 hours a week on training and has a full-time job. Mikkel’s special forte in triathlon is the final race, but he loves how the sport encompasses three different disciplines, ensuring that the training is always diverse.


Astrid is driven by her fascination of how much her body can accomplish - and the different kind of satisfaction she gains from working out.
For Astrid training has been a part of a lifestyle change, that has helped her loose 86 kg. in 11 months - it has given her a brand-new body. As a part of her weight loss journey Astrid started running, and it caught her interest right away. In the beginning she was motivated by just being able to run, and now she is running 6 times a week – preferably long distances. She is amazed by how much she can push her body to do. Training has become an essential part of Astrid’s life; it is an aspect that gives her more energy and motivation – something that she can’t live without.