Avoid letting your joy of running fade during fall

The weather shifts. A colder, crisp breeze enters and the leaves start turning yellow. Fall has arrived. With its cool temperatures and beautiful colours. If you targeted your training towards intense running events during summer and early autumn, it might be time to slow down and opt for longer distances in a lower pace.

If you aren’t ready to lessen your training ntensity, here are some good advice for keeping your joy of running when winter approaches. Even when the weathers seem sad and grey.

Join fall runs

There are many running events all year around. By joining an event, for instance trailrunning the forest in November, you create a point of orientation for your training. At motionslob.dk/løbskalenderen, you can find runs in the forest, in the city and at the beach – even on islands and parts of the country, you might not get to visit.

Wear the right clothes on top

When temperatures drop, you need more clothes – save the singlet and bring out the light, waterproof and breathable running jacket.

And on your legs

A pair of tights that cover your knees are perfect for fall. When you choose running clothes in great synthetic tech-materials, you can be sure that it won’t be your clothes that kill your joy of running.

Put on a hat

Wearing a running cap is a great idea – it can function as a small umbrella in the rain, and if you keep your head dry, the weather might not feel as wet.

Look down

The trails in the forest are often covered in wet and slippery fallen leaves. How beautiful they may seem, they can also be very slippery. Choose a running-shoe with an outsole that has a strong section and a breathable membrane. A pair of trail-shoes can help you steer clear of the slippery nature.

Warm up

Slippery trails and roads enhance your risk of straining your feet. Make sure to warm up your joints, before taking off: Stand on one foot and spin the other around, so you’ll get your foot stretched in the outer positions. Walk on your toes. Place the outermost part of the feet on the step of a stair and lift your body up and down. This exercise warms up your ankle joints and Achilles. 


When it is dark and wet, it can be extra hard convincing yourself to strap on your running shoes. But there are many running clubs around the country - also clubs that run in the forest all year around. Check these out online and join a community - so you'll know someone is waiting for you!