Properly dressed for running

When performing outdoor sports, it is essential to wear the right clothes according to the weather.

If your clothes match the weather, you are able to keep your focus on performing at your max. This is why materials matter. If your workout clothes are made in the right material, your body will keep a comfortable temperature during your entire run. When these basic elements are in place, you have laid the foundation for a successful run.

At Newline we offer tops, t-shirts, vests, jackets, shorts and tights in many variations, which allow you to layer your clothes, and dress in running clothes that suit the seasonal temperatures. If you mainly run during spring/summer, it is essential that you own a running jacket and a pair of tights that provide airflow and moisture management. During the summer you typically sweat more, and your clothes therefore need to support your body in getting rid of the excess heat.

Additionally, during the winter it is important to wear running jackets and tights with a thermal effect, and layering also helps to keep your body warm.